UK Lean Conference
Keynote Speakers
UK Lean Conference

The UK Lean and Kanban 2009 software management conference was held over two and a half days from 27 through to 29 September. The conference brought together the leading innovators, practitioners, and influential thought leaders in Lean software management.

The Lean and Kanban 2009 event was created to drive further progress in software development by providing a unique opportunity to share best practices and innovation within the growing community of software engineers, managers, and executives adopting Lean and Kanban systems. It provided a unique opportunity to meet with and learn directly from industry luminaries and practitioners from around the world.

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Keynote Speakers

Keynote speakers included:

Mary Poppendieck

Mary Poppendieck wrote the award-winning book Lean Software Development to explain how the lean principles from manufacturing could be applied to software development. Later Mary lectured with her husband Tom and co-wrote a second book, Implementing Lean Software Development.

Don Reinertsen

Don Reinertsen is recognised internationally for his contribution to the management of product development. In 1983 he wrote a landmark article that first quantified the value of development speed,indicating that 6 months delay can be worth 33 percent of lifecycle profits.

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